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Age:11 Years

I humbly and respectfully request your assistance. I have been admitted to NAMCO HOSPITAL, NASHIK, for an emergency case of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and I am currently under the care of Dr. Laxmikant Pathak. I require Chemotherapy, and the doctors have advised Antibiotics, Blood Products, Hospitalization, etc. which come with significant expenses total Rs.6,00,000/- (Six Lakhs Only). As I am 11 years old, I find myself in a deplorable financial situation, and nobody can help us. My father works on a daily wage basis, and the entire family relies on his income. Your support would mean the world to us in this challenging time. I appeal to your compassion and generosity to kindly consider this plea and alleviate our dire financial condition to the best of your ability. Your support would be immensely appreciated, and I would be forever grateful for your kindness. I kindly request your honourable assistance, whether it is financial or medical, as any form of help would be greatly valued. I sincerely hope for your kind assistance and consideration.

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